Unstable Iris+

Hi All,

The copter had a compass error a few weeks ago, and I've just put it back together.  An arm needed replacing & the USB port on the exterior (body & PX4...couldn't believe it) is broken.  I recalibrated everything & took it out today.  It flies, but cannot stay level.  It keeps altitude just fine, but wobbles & cannot stay level.  What could be the cause, and how could I fix this?

I am using props that have never been in an accident.  No camera is attached. 

Any insight would be appreciated!

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  • did you do all the common calibrations ? accelerometer , gyro , compass ?  perhaps one of these needs calibrated..

    you can use the set up Wizard in the MP ( mission planner )

    good luck.

    • I used the Wizard, and calibrated everything I was asked too.  Would there be anything outside that?

    • how unstable is it ?  what mode are you flying in ?

      it could possibly be a defective sensor in the PX4..

      maybe someone else here might know more.

      are you able to post flight logs here.. does the MP give you any error notes ?

    • Well, it used to be level when it hovers but now it constantly jitters.  Mostly fairly small, but it really seems to lose balance and almost flip every 20-30 seconds.  I have tried in all modes, although it seems to be less jittery in Manual.

      It crashed pretty hard a few weeks ago, and knocked some things lose so something may be broken.  I had to replace an arm.

      No errors noticed in MP or Tower, but here is the log.  Any insight would be very much appreciated!


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