Using batteries of different capacities in IRIS

Hey all, I've aqcuired a few different size batteries now: 3500mah (stock), 4600mah, and 5000mah (all 3S).  If I want to use several of these in one session, is it necessary to go into Mission Planner and update for the different capacities before switching?  Does this just affect the %battery remaining shown in mission or droid planner? And if it is necessary, what would be the correct adjustments to make?


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  • Yes, that setting only affects the %battery remaining. Or in case you have an additional battery capacity failsafe configured it will initiate a failsafe once that configured capacity has been used. 

    I fly with batteries of different capacity and configured the capacity value to 5000, which is equal or higher to the capacity of any LiPo I fly with. That works for me. 

    But I also don't pay attention to the %battery remaining stuff as I find it not that helpful. I instead eye the voltage and make sure that I'm on the ground at 10.6 - 10.7 volt depending on the LiPo. 

    • Great thanks Christian, very helpful.  I might as well pop another question while we're at the top of the list.  I accidentally ran the configuration wizard, then saw that is a no-no.  So I reloaded the initial parameters, and saw there are two options for IRIS, IRIS and IRIS with gimbal.  I have a Tarot gimbal but haven't used it yet while I am do my test flights.  Should I just load the regular IRIS params, or the latter?  And would I need to switch configuration files when I decide to use the Tarot gimbal?

    • Yes. As LouB wrote below: The regular "IRIS" settings are for the IRIS without the long legs and Gimbal and the "IRIS with Gimbal" are for when you have the long legs and Gimbal mounted. They change the flight parameters so that IRIS doesn't feel like a cow on ice with the long legs. 

      Also a tip for folks who ran through the Config Wizard by accident. 

      Reloading the Param file is one option, but it will only change a subset of the possible ArduCopter parameters back to what you had. Some others it doesn't touch and these might be ones that you rely on. 

      If you want to do a true "factory reset" keep the following in mind:

      - All IRIS are test-flown in the factory. This test flight leaves a log file on the IRIS. That log files includes the parameters that IRIS was flown with. 

      You can therefore download that log file from the IRIS (will be the first or second one) and extract the parameters from that file and load it. This way you have a true factory reset, including all Trims and so on. 

    • Thanks for the tips!  This forum is very useful!

      So if I am going to lug something like the setup I have attached below (my custom Ricoh GR rig!), I should go for the sluggish setup?  This weighs about 325g total.

      Thanks again!


    • Yeah, I would like it too ! At some point I want to put my rx100 up. I have that other mount that you have on the floor and I can us that to mount he RX to the factory Gopro mount in the front but would like it under the belly.
    • It's a custom mount I designed and 3D printed.  The adapter for the IRIS is a DYS gimbal adapter that someone designed and provided on the IRIS facebook forum.  The vibration plates are modeled after the tarot 2d plates but i added a gopro-type mount to the top plate and adjusted the bottom plate to tie into the adapter mount.  Finally the tripod mounting plate for my camera I created with ideas from eric cheng and his phantom 2 ricoh mount.  An STL for the top 3 parts is attached.

      It's worked great so far, except I kicked up some dust into the lens of my Ricoh and now the lens is stuck open :(  I'm going to install FPV too because the composition is really difficult to guess with a 28mm lens.



    • Scott, can you link to that mount. I've been trying to find something lightweight enough for use with the iris. Thanks.

    • Once you put the gimbal on load those params... I saw a significant difference once I loaded those with the gimbal on

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