Where can I find Iris+ motors?

I crashed my Iris+ into my right hand. Broken motor. 15 stitches in right hand. Where can I find replacement motors, and could anyone provide me a link for a guide for replacing the motor. I'm looking for a back left (as you are looking at the LED, CCW motor). I would be interested in a site where I might be able to purchase more replacement parts as needed. Thank you!

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  • http://www.amazon.com/Robotics-IRIS-Motor-920Kv-MT2212/dp/B00S098M4...


    Also everything you need to know about building a new Iris+ from the ground up. https://www.myminifactory.com/pages/3drobotics ;

  • T3

    I have a few motors if you need any. I have some spares from an Iris I never flew. Just send me a PM.

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    have a look here :-)


    This domain may be for sale!
    • Hi Felix, is that a price typo on the MN2213 950kV?

    • If it  is 60 eur a piece, then it is better off buying phantom 3 motors or from ebay.

  • where is ur location ? PM me in facebook 0939432678 ( TriCarrera ) i'm from vietnam.

    • Hi Tri, how many motors do you have? :D

    • i still have 10 motor iris+ and 6 motor DJI 920kv

  • "OUCH"

    • I made the big mistake of launching about 3 feet away from me. Drone drifted towards me, and I was backed up against a tree. I blocked the Iris+ with my hand before it hit my face. I never dreamed that those little props/motors could cut me that badly. Iris+ landed upside down and the props just destroyed themselves. Rear CCW motor came apart (the little retaining clip at the bottom of the shaft popped out). I put the motor back together, but something is still out of alignment. It does not spin freely, and makes a terrible sound when I spin it by hand. New motor ordered.

      Don't fly your Iris+ into your hand!

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