Where can I find Iris+ motors?

I crashed my Iris+ into my right hand. Broken motor. 15 stitches in right hand. Where can I find replacement motors, and could anyone provide me a link for a guide for replacing the motor. I'm looking for a back left (as you are looking at the LED, CCW motor). I would be interested in a site where I might be able to purchase more replacement parts as needed. Thank you!

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    • I made the big mistake of launching about 3 feet away from me. Drone drifted towards me, and I was backed up against a tree. I blocked the Iris+ with my hand before it hit my face. I never dreamed that those little props/motors could cut me that badly. Iris+ landed upside down and the props just destroyed themselves. Rear CCW motor came apart (the little retaining clip at the bottom of the shaft popped out). I put the motor back together, but something is still out of alignment. It does not spin freely, and makes a terrible sound when I spin it by hand. New motor ordered.

      Don't fly your Iris+ into your hand!

    • If that is the grinding sound, chance are, some magnets are out of position due to impact, you can take out the snap ring, pull the motor apar, rearrange the magnet, then re-assembly the motor.

  • you are two months late for 3dr close-out sales. Hence, you best bet is ebay, search for mn2213 ccw. good luck

    • Yeah, I remember seeing them for $3. I should have picked up a few.

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