Where to plug in

My previous discussion was channel 1 no signal. My remote show not data.So I try to open the top cover of Iris+ to see anything that came loose. After I open the cover I saw one harness from the receiver was not plug in. I don't know is accidentally pull out or that's the way it come. Please be advice where to plug in at Pixhawk or no need to plug in and what to continue after that. I've not clue at all. Please see the attach picture.



where this plug in.jpg

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  • Thanks Bill
    Now is work. I need to start learning about it. I just turn on and fly.
  • Developer

    http://copter.ardupilot.com is the official documentation for all things ardupilot related. 

  • Thanks.
    I'll do it when I get home.
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    • Thanks Steve.
      Now it works. I test flied about 15 minutes and no problem. Once again thank you.
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