Accsessing to HAL (imu and gps)


i am diving into the Ardupilot code and i got a bit blocked on using the HAL library to get the attitude and gps data.

on some tutorial i have found it:

for the setup()

// Disable barometer to stop it corrupting bus
hal.gpio->pinMode(40, GPIO_OUTPUT);
hal.gpio->write(40, 1);

// Initialise MPU6050 sensor

// Initialise MPU6050's internal sensor fusion (aka DigitalMotionProcessing)
hal.scheduler->suspend_timer_procs(); // stop bus collisions

and for accessing to the giro data the loop()


but i see somethings like "Disable baro to stop corrupting buss" I understand that there is a incompability with the baro and MPU6050 but i wonder how the official code handel it.

does the code do some kind of fussion with the baro , imu and gps data. if so how do i implement it ?

well as you can see i am a bit lost, so if some of you can give to me a hand on all of this, i would advanse much faster.

thanks, and sorry for my english

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  • imu and baro are using the same spi bus.

  • I also wonder no one knows here

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