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APM servo program

Hi all,

       I have some question about the APM servo program.The question is that I can debug it correctly,but it can not make a difference.Meanwhile it run very well when I debug it in my arduino. So I want to know where I do wrong.

       Any help

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The APM code

Hi all 

I am a fresher to the APM code.I have difficult to understand those codes.Is anybody can help me with this code .Such as the programe experience,the way to understand the codes,flowchart or how to search things  what can help to understand tho

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Short question about MAVLink

Hello there!

I would like to add an additional sensor (that doesn't suppose to be used by autopilot) to my Pixhawk and add it to MAVLink protocol, so I need to study out the code and principles first. 

So my question regarding THIS instruction Step #3.

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User Code and User Varibales

This is an open call to any one who has been able to get code working using the user code hooks. HELP!i am trying to get a simple script running that sets pin8 high when its hits a waypoint. i know where i need to call the script and i know where it

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Quadcopter Firmware V3.1.4

Hello I have V3.1.4 firmware in my quad copter which i downloaded via mission planner. it is a hex file. I want to understand the code, from where i can get the code written in C? as different forums suggest that if you convert hex file into readable

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