Generate remote control commands from Arduino


We are currently working on a drone for a university project work. 

It is quadcopter and flight controller is APM 2.5. 

The point of the project is to implement A* algorithm (finding short path on a discretized terrain). So the flight of the drone should be described in advance according to algorithm work results, sent from GCS via a protocol (Mavlink I guess).

THE QUESTION IS - is it possible to exctract what remote control sends (when drone is told to go forward, for instance), generate it on GCS then and send from GCS (where algorithm calculation happens) to drone directly, avoiding any user participation in remote control or Mission Planner?

Thank you for your attention.

Best wishes


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  • I suggest you take a look at DroneKit. It offers location control of the drone based on GPS coordinates and based off of desired acceleration readings from the IMU. All communication is done via telemetry however.
    DroneKit makes it easy to create custom applications to control any vehicle powered by MAVLink. Best of all, it is open sourced and free for everyone…
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