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Hey every one.

I'm working on a project where we are using drones to take survey photos of large areas of open land, then using a raspberry pi to edit the Exf data of the photo to add in the GPS that it was taken at, or at least that what we want it to do. We have the 3DR quadcopters flying in auto mode around a test sight currently, but we are using the stock mission planner and stock firmware. Now that we are starting to want to customise the firmware so that we can control where it takes it photos (on the way points at the moment) and set it so that we just have to arm the drones and hit a start button for them to take off.

I know the logic behind taking photos at waypoints, using the user code I would define a method that sets the camera pin to high for a set period of time and then sets it to low. This method would be called in the verify_nav_wp() function in the command_logic file. The issue I have run into is cannot get the actual code to work, if any one has an example of how to input code into the User Code and User Variables that would rock as I could work out how to solve my issues with them.

This issue might be simpler to solve, if I add "digialWrite(8,HEIGH)" to the user code file i get an out of scope error on the digitalWrite command.

Thanks in advance

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