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Making a Quadrotor for university project



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Ozy posted a discussion
So I wrote a sketch using Dr Owens tutorial to see the sensor values the ardupilot 2.6 was outputting. When I upload the code to the ardupilot and run serial monitor, my pitch goes to -2.1 and stays there. My roll goes to -1.4 and stops there. My…
Feb 16, 2015
Ozy posted a discussion in Learning to program the Ardupilot Mega
I've been reading some academic papers such ashttp://rwbclasses.groups.et.byu.net/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=quadrotor:beardsquadrotornotes.pdfand http://andrew.gibiansky.com/blog/physics/quadcopter-dynamics/There are only three PIDs in these papers…
Feb 14, 2015