Add sensors to my quadrotor

Hello everyone,

I want to add a sensor that measures the wind speed to my quadrotor. I need also a temperature sensor with high accuracy (0.1 degree). Does anyone know anything about a company that sells these senors?

Thank you.

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  • MR60

    You are about to expose another industry that doesn't exist (read opportunity) for instruments specifically designed to be ultra light weight and log data.  In any case, there are many that are not optimized for weight.  Scan for the following words:

    - Anemometer or Pitot Digital or Airspeed

    - Thermocouple

    - Data logger 12V

    Wouldn't it be great if someone sold a board that you could add different chips to it where it logs the voltage output from the various sensor chips.  Then at home in Excel or Matlab, convert the voltages to calibrated readings and one could measure just about anything for under 30 grams with low power draw.  Too many ways to make million :-).

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