• Can anyone tell me which are the variables in arduplane's library file that correspond to body attach axis of roll, pitch, yaw, and which are the ones that are corresponding to the global axis of roll pitch yaw?

  • It might be nice to see your code. What exactly isn't working?  How are you incorporating the libraries into your code? A good place to start learning to interface with the libraries is in the examples folder for each library. For example, in arduino/libraries/AP_IMU/examples there's a nice test for the MPU 6000. Start with the code there and see if you can modify it to fit your needs.


  • Hi,

    I'm trying the same, so I am interesting in collaborate with someone to make a new code. 

    Now, I'm using an example call GPS_AUTO (it can find in arducopter code) to obtain the gps coordinates.

    Currently I am reading about IMU data output. 

    I am open to new ideas, advised, suggestions and work in group.



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