Youth Program - APM 1 Kit(s) : Need Assistance

Hey Guys,

I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.  I founded a program that brings RC Aviation to at-risk youth.  We're currently in various Boys & Girls Clubs.  This year we're experimenting with a couple scratch build programs with the older youth who are a bit more interested in the hobby. 

Here's my problem,  the person I originally had who was going to help me with this program has to leave suddenly and now I'm the one who will be heading this portion of the program and I've never used or even built a multi-copter or worked with Ardu products. 

I have a history flying fixed wing aircraft and have flown muti-copters "a bit" before but never have I done a build.  

We're looking to use a platform which was created for us which we can easily replicate.  someone we know went through a lot of trial and testing to come up with a great solid platform. it's called the H-Virus ( We have two of these platforms.

We also have Scorpion and Castle sponsors for the project so we'll be using their motors and esc's.  

(4) Scorpion SII-2212-960Kv   (11.5 props)

(4) ICE Lite 50A ESC's with CC BEC 10A   (running GoPro2 Hero, ardu, and eventually FLIR Tau 320 19mm for crop surveying (UAV) 

(Fatshark Goggles to have FPV capability)

We also have (3) APM 1 Kits and Eagle Tree  2D/3D Stabilizer.

Given that we have all this, do you think this is something that is fairly straight forward?  Or am I going to have to do a great deal of programing etc?  I thought it was a matter of uploading firmware etc... 

I don't want to start this program and get over my head if this isn't doable. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated

- Mike  

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    No, I have not received a penny from the company. I'm an investor, which means I put money IN. 

    Why are we talking about this? Mike just wanted to get some advice for the kids he's mentoring. I wrote a check for ~$300 to help those kids, and now you're attacking me. Why?

  • 3D Robotics

    No programming is required! Just download the Mission Planner and plug in the APMs. It's a simple point-and-click setup process. The instructions are here.


    PS--the APM 1 is an older autopilot, but assuming you have the 2560 version (the one that's been made for the past couple years) you should be fine. There was an earlier one, which was discontinued in 2010, that used a 1280 chip that's no longer supported. You can tell by looking at the big chip on the red board: it should say 2560 if it's the modern one.


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