Arducopter 2.9

I thought I would create a thread for the new version of Arducopter [2.9]. 

I'm planning on checking it out this weekend, but has anyone uploaded it yet, configured, have any issues or even just questions?

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    So how'd you go Byron - is she back up and running?

  • Afternoon all.  

    I have just returned from a disastrous sorte although no great damage.  After a successful mission yesterday in some high wind conditions, I was keen to take to the skies once again to build my basic skills.  This morning I updated to Version 2.9.1 and after seeing yesterday how stable David A's platform is with this version, I had high hopes.  Much to my dismay, at 1 metre and uncontrollable oscillation took over, my craft became inverted and returned to earth. (Very untidy) I had a further 5 attempts resulting in exactly the same behaviour.

    I have flown previous versions straight out of the box with success, however I'm not sure where to start to trouble shoot this problem. 

    Thanks Tim for your advice, would someone be able to give me an idea of what the PID's should be to compare with what I have.



  • Not I... I need to do a rebuild of the core of the jdrones frame I have... there just isn't enough room for the extra bits I want on there... and it's flimsy as hell... and within that build will be a setup for slinging the APM so I can minimise vibration, which is essential for 2.9 (or so I read in the release notes).

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