Long Weekend Fly?

Is there any plans to get the group together over the long weekend for a fly? Would love to meet up with some other local pilots if possible. 



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  • David, Byron - good to meet up with you today. 

    A few of the pics came out ok...




  • Moderator

    Hi Mark, there certainly is!

    Looks like Monday will be the pick of the days, so I suggest that's the day.  An earlier start would be preferred, simply because of the calmer weather and the reduced likelihood of having too many other people around.

    As for location, despite Williamstown being a great spot, it would be nice to try somewhere else.  I'm open to suggestions here, and even a short drive out of the city might not be a bad idea, where we can really fly around and have some fun [or do a box challenge or two]. (:  So if anyone has a great idea, please shout out.


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