Melbourne Hackersapce

Hello All,

I am part of the Melbourne Hackerspace.

A group of hackers who tinker with electronics and robots. We have many great tools such as 3S printers and C & C mills that members can use.

We have a meeting place where we could meet up to build our UAVs and such. There are many members who are willing to help out with technical questions. 

We normally meet up on Tuesdays evenings in 5 Kent Lane Hawthorn and Saturday during the day.

We are going to start a Robotics nights soon. We already have a 3D printer night on every Second Monday.

So come down and have a look. I am down there most Tuesdays working on my quadcopter.


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    Hi Adric, thats great. Thanks for the information. How does it work with membership and using the equipment? Is a monthly fee or pay per use setup? Sounds like I might I have to come down and check it out.

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