Date: 10 February 2013

Time: 10:00am

Location: Deakin University Melbourne Campus, Burwood Highway, Burwood (here)

Objective: Successful autonomous flight



Hey all, Firstly, thanks to Tim for suggesting/offering Deakin University. 

There are a few places to fly at Deakin, but Tim recommends that we meet at the second carpark on Holland Ave (approx 200m North of Burwood Highway) and fly around Bennettswood Reserve.


We're hoping everyone who can make the meet will have a successful autonomous flight under their belts before the end of the session.  Ideally, you would have been able to practice before the meet, but it's not necessary.

It will also be a great opportunity to meet the new faces that have recently joined the group.



Given this is Melbourne and the weather can change every 5 minutes, we will just have to monitor and see if it's still good to go closer to the date.  However, it would still be a great opportunity to catch up, see what's new and how things have been going.


What to bring

* UAV plus all necessary equipment - including laptop if you want to try autonomous flight

* Ground based HD video equipment - if possible
(I will have a 70x optical zoom SD video camera w/ tripod there, but it would be great to have some ground based HD footage)

* Chair

* Drinks / Snacks

* Slip, slop, slap gear

If there's anything else, please feel free to comment below.  If you could also indicate if you're able to make it that would be great.  Hope to see you there.


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    @Dave A - I have a 6x3m Pit tent that I'll bring if its a sunny day and a laptop table. As long as Deakin dont mind a few tent pegs in their grass? @Tim

  • You can count me in.


    Unfortunately I don't have a video camera to bring other than my GoPro


    I'm sure this well be enjoyable for all




  • autonomous is just that little bit daunting - far moreso than fixing a few busted props / arms after a hard landing.

    is this the aircraft retrieval system we need - just in case the GPS is wired up backwards....


    Hope to see you there!


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