Idea micro Drone technology

I have in my mind about the field of research in MICRO FLYING technology.

Sir,I have a very unique Idea regarding a very Innovative and radical MICRO DRONE technology which help we can develop only 20*5 centimeter(CENTIMETER) size DRONE, which can obtain 250 to 1500 KILOMETER range or more. The salient feature of this technology is that it is not based on conventional rotational propulsion system but it is based on a very unique Mechanical Engineering system.
Sir ,this kind of technology will be a radical step in the field of DRONE technology and This kind of technology is not existed in the world at present
Sir,your company is working in the field of various kind of DRONE systems so now I want to know that can I get any support from your organisation to develop this very unique and radical technology and convert my Idea into a prototype with any programme?
Please guide me and take my matter very seriously and my earnest request to you that please reply me as soon as possible.

I shall be very grateful to you.

yours faithfully
Vikram Kumar Gupta

B-242,Apuroopa colony


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  • My company Aeronautic Enterprises Inc. May be interested in your ideas. Contact Sounds interesting.

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