A group to show off your micro drone and discussion for the future of the micro drone.

Perhaps the community would be interested in designing it's own micro drone?

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  • I hope we can get some real interest going in a DIY Drones Micro Drone! I started this group so we can share ideas and designs for micro drones and perhaps the community is interested in designing a ground up micro drone that can run DIY Drones Copter code!

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Idea micro Drone technology

I have in my mind about the field of research in MICRO FLYING technology.Sir,I have a very unique Idea regarding a very Innovative and radical MICRO DRONE technology which help we can develop only 20*5 centimeter(CENTIMETER) size DRONE, which can obtain 250 to 1500 KILOMETER range or more. The salient feature of this technology is that it is not based on conventional rotational propulsion system but it is based on a very unique Mechanical Engineering system.Sir ,this kind of technology will be…

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Cameras for Micro Drones

I've been looking at tiny fiber optic cameras. A tiny fiber optic camera could be gimbal mounted on a micro drone.What are the requirements for our tiny camera? Do we want night vision with IR illumination? Is thermal imagining an option?I also think we could provide yaw axis camera control via the flight controller independent from the direction the drone is traveling in? Perhaps reduce the demand on the gimbal mechanical's?

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