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  • Hello Everyone,

    Fox 9 News contacted me about a possible story on UAV's and they are looking to add more Minnesotans involved in Drones to their list of contacts.  If you would be interested in me giving out your name and/or Phone # for them to contact you at please email me at:

    Joshua Johnson - CEO - CAD Drones -

  • I just read about Andrews presentation coming up at the Hackfactory makerspace and decided to make a contribution to the Fighting Walrus iOS drone controller Indiegogo project.  11 days to go, good luck guys!

  • I picked one up at Micro-center. It is a USB to micro-usb HOST cable about 6" long. Last night I tried the Droid planner app, and that also works with the 3DR radios. That app has an RC mode so you can drive/fly from your phone. The only problem I have noticed with Droidplanner and andropilot is they both stopped working after about 5 minutes and I had to restart. Could be an issue with my phone or a setting though.
  • @Jason, A field day would be awesome! 

    @John,  I am going to start my work on a rover once I finish the RQ-11 Glider.  What cable did you end up using?!

  • I just got the andropilot app working on my Google branded Samsung galaxy nexus phone. It has most of the features of mission planner. The hardest part was getting the right cable to connect the 3DR radio to the phone, the first cable I got from amazon didn't work. Right now I am working on a rover, but I also have aerial vehicles.
  • Cool! We should plan a field day

  • I'm almost done with my RQ-11 Build. Then I should be ready to help you folks test out the fighting walrus :D

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