Vote on KF staying or going

Why on earth have we let KF back in? Chris made the hard decision to kick him out 1+ yrs ago, I'm very surprised we've gone back on that decision.

I think we should vote on who thinks he should stay and who thinks we should kick him out again.  Winning votes decides with Chris A has the option to veto the decision and make it go one way or the other.

I vote he goes.

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  • Moderator

    Is he back? or did Hai missed the year? ;-)

    • Developer

      Ruwan, this question regarding KF is a year old.

      Tom & Gary's roll call and request for more participation has brought a few people out of hibernation.  I would say that is a good thing.

  • Moderator

    I say give him the boot

  • Moderator

    Hi Guys,

    This boils down to one point for me. Q:Has he done anything to violate the T.O.S.? A: Yes

                                                        Q:Has be been given ample opportunity to correct his behavior? A: Yes

                                                        Q:Has he modified his behavior? A:No

                                                        Q:Is he likely to change his behavior? A:No

    Sorry Kevin, aka Drone Savant, aka Drone Trends, aka Drone....... when will it end? A:Never Three strikes your out.

    The problem is we really don't have the tools to prevent him from getting back in the community as yet another alias. All we can do is keep an eye out for him and respond accordingly. Let me make myself clear here, at this point I think it's a permanent ban, as soon as he has been identified again, and admits his identity, which he won't be able to resist....suspend (ban) his new alias. He's brilliant and all, but he's way too toxic to the community.

    If nobody would poke the bear, feed the Troll, etc. we could just let things be and that would be my advice. However we would be like a dog chasing it's own tail. No matter what we do, someone will pick up the torch and fall prey to KF' trap, and it will begin all over again.

    Just my 2¢

    Best Regards,

    Nathaniel ~KD2DEY.                                                                                                   

    • Developer

      I totally agree with that as well.  So we didn't exactly have a vote but it still seems we nearly all agree so I guess we can bring this to a close and we will leave KF's most recent incarnation suspended.  If he shows up again, after confirming that it's most certainly him we should suspend him immediately.

      Txs all, I will go back to my coding in peace.

    • Moderator

      That's exactly it, don't feed the troll who will come back again and again and again. He will also use his twitter account which does not change to attack Chris which is also not cricket.

  • Developer


        I can understand if you're objecting to me suspending him.  I may have overstepped my bounds on that although I would argue (like Craig is saying) that he should have been suspended immediately once he was discovered and only let back in if people agree he should be let back in (which I don't think the majority would agree to).

        To be honest, I don't understand the objections to calling a vote.  I think we should focus on what to do about KF.  I thought a vote was the clearest way to get quickly to that decision.

         I should add that my actions are certainly affected by my personal feelings towards KF as a result of a few limited interactions with him.  I generally don't get involved in moderator issues and discussion, this really is a one time thing for me.

    • Moderator

      No sweat Randy, spilled milk under the bridge, etc.

      Here's an insight into my picayune-obsessed brain:  Having a discussion resulting in an CFV would be good.  The immediate threat has passed, and we can (as we have successfully done in the past) deliberate until we reach a consensus (most likely), or have everyone satisfied that their viewpoints have been sufficiently represented, at which time a CFV would be made.  Putting the time limit gave the impression (probably incorrectly!) that you were interested in finding enough votes to accomplish your goal of ejecting KS.

      Regardless of the outcome, I think our community (if we can use such a grand title for our little group) would be hurt... it would create two factions that would likely last for some time.

      But instead, by taking things a bit slower we're able to move towards a resolution as a group that we can all be satisfied is the consensus.

      And, not to get too personal, but your attitude is representative of the spirit that makes the moderators group a pleasant thing to be a part of.  The willingness to discuss, the possibility that one may have been rash... let's face it, we're a shining example to the world!

  • Admin

    Hi All,

    I know that Chris felt that the Game of Clones and a follow on blog post on the same subject that was rejected was an informative blog post and did not mind the fact that it opened the door to what we have just experienced. I believe that we need to be very circumspect about approving blog posts concerning clones. I believe that all aspects of the 3DR products that have been cloned have been thoroughly discussed so far. Unless a clone blog post brings something new to the table, we might give good consideration to returning it to its author.



  • Moderator

    Craig, there's no voting process for anybody to sign up.  I think Randy has inadvertently overstepped his authority, which is what I'm objecting to.  I know, super-persnickity etc but I think it's fair and a sign of respect to fellow moderators not to do things out of the ordinary without consultation.

    But in the heat of the moment, we all jump in occasionally.  No harm, but it should not be done, and if it were to be allowed to stand I think it would be a bad precedent for the moderators and the site as a whole.

    As a practical matter I was thinking I had done a pretty good job in taming that thread (I still think so!) and it would be nice not to play into KF's hands by unilaterally suspending him.

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