I'm creating this Association to bring together the top minds and companies throughout the Midwest.  The goal of this association is create a list of regulations to purpose to the FAA that will allow for the Unmanned Agricultural Vehicle market off the ground here internationally by starting here in the Midwest.  Currently the FAA is working very extensively with Midwest colleges, companies, and organizations on the integration of Unmanned Systems.  Below is a list of some short term, Intermediate, and long term goals for the organization. 

(If you're interested in donating to this Association or establishing a new chapter for your state you can message me on DiyDrones or email me at JoshuaAllenJohnson@gmail.com)

Short Term Goals: 

  • Establish chapters/groups for each state within the Midwest
  • Work with UAV Tech companies and their products to find the best airframes, autopilots, and UAV Tech to submit for FAA Certification (in the same way ScanEagle got certified)
  • Build a website and create a group forum/chat that can be used to social network and create the regulations list
  • Find proper funding to build up the Associations advertising capabilities and website maintenance costs
  • Establish Association plans,groups,conference locations,meeting times, and all the groundwork of the Association

Intermediate Goals:

  • Create monthly conferences for each state chapter to discuss issues and work out regulations
  • Get a list of regulations together that is considered a rough draft and will be edited and changed minorly until each state chapter approves of the list
  • Have each state chapter submit a weekly memo that includes proposed regulations, regulation edits, local regulations based off of counties within their state, and any Midwestern regulations they are against


Long Term Goals:

  • Finish Midwestern Unmanned Agricultural Vehicles Regulations to submit to the FAA
  • Establish Western, Southern, and Eastern UAVA associations

Joshua Johnson - Diy Drones News - mUAVA Ceo -

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  • Hello Everyone,

    Fox 9 News contacted me about a possible story on UAV's and they are looking to add more Midwesterners involved in Drones to their list of contacts.  If you would be interested in me giving out your name and/or Phone # for them to contact you at please email me at:  JoshuaAllenJohnson@gmail.com

    Joshua Johnson - CEO - CAD Drones -

  • When I finish my CAD Engineering Degree I am hoping to work at Ocelco doing CAD work on medical equipment and devices.  I'm hoping because my family created, owns, and operates it that I'll get the job.  You can never be too sure though!  Gotta have backup plans :)

  • No but have been around them my whole life and so has my fiance.  I've watched family members become Millionaires and own houses and yachts on lake Minnetonka.  One family member created and sold a Computer Tech company in Minnesota and at one point was on the top 10 list of richest Minnesotans.  Other family members created http://www.ocelco.com/ Ocelco which is a healthcare equipment company that is thriving here in Minnesota and throughout the midwest.  Other family members own self startup businesses like a Carpet Cleaning Company here in the local twin cities.  Another family member owns a turf company.  A very close family friend owns modern tool which is an extremely successful company.  I could continue to go down the list but am very tired :) its 3:16AM here.  I have been around businesses my whole life and understand fully how they operate and how to implement strategies to make them thrive.

  • Though I am in contact with the local twin cities AUVSI Chapter leader because I am interested in joining and helping them out any way I can.  Also because I want to learn from how they operate and implement things they do that will help benefit this association.  In all I don't claim CEO to scare anybody away.  But I want to be the main determining force.  I will have a Vice President, Treasurer, etc.  But because I am doing all the future planning and development I want to have the biggest influence on where funds within the bank account will be distributed. I'm not looking to copy AUVSI but simply learn from them.   I don't claim to be in expert in much in life so I will weigh heavily on other peoples opinions and ideas.  My whole life I've had a leadership style that enables me to soak up a large amount of information and ideas and in essence make a universal judgement based off of everything I hear and also my own intuition.  I can promise you I'm the "guy for the job" :)   

  • Have you run a business before?
  • The FAA can't handle this job all by themselves and require organizations to be created and help assist them in the huge task of integrating drones into business and agriculture.  As we have seen so far the FAA has too much on their plates at the moment and don't have the manpower necessary to finish the job.  You have to remember that many organizations or associations started just like this one.  Logo's Looks unprofessional and needed lots of work but I have friends at school who are graphic designers who I plan on talking to this week at college.

  • Well first establish chapters in each of the midwest states.  Organized and all. thats the first step.  Second I'm hoping around the time of DEC 2013-JAN 2014 we can set up a bank account and start asking for donations on the website I'm creating.  Also I'm going to ask each state chapter to donate any amount over $25 each depending upon how big chapters are some states might be so large with prominent members (CEO's, Vice Presidents, Etc) that are willing to donate even more.  All the funds that come in will be added to a single bank account deemed the company's bank account.  Any chapter will be able to request funds to rent our conferences space or other things their chapters might need like money to advertise in local newspapers and anything else.  The longterm goal is that this association will have such a large social networking connection that we will be able to afford very large conferences that can hold 200+ booths for companies to come.  Each chapter's main focus is to help provide suggested local UAV/Drone guidelines for their local areas that is going into one large document that is being submitted to the FAA.  We currently have Lawyers that have signed on to help write out the document being sent to the FAA.  We all want and need to speed up the FAA's integration in the Midwest so we can thrive as farming backbone of america.  Every person that has contacted me so far seems to share the same fire and passion for a more speedy Integration for Agriculture use so we can get these companies to invest in the Drone Market.  They are all waiting for the FAA go ahead because of all the delays that have gone on over the years with the integration deadline being pushed later out over and over.

  • I am not trying to argue just try to understand how it will have teeth to make a difference. Having contacts is good, converting them to get what is needed is the trick. So what is the action items and next steps?
  • No we are not AUVSI.  I currently have a few people I'm in close contact with that are heads of AUVSI chapters and also the one of the creators of AUVSI.  I stated that I want to move to Florida or California after graduation to seek employment with a UAV company in one of those two states.  I enjoy marine robotics and have seen the potential and need for aquatic mapping and exploration considering we know more about the moon and planets in our solar system then we know about our own ocean at the deepest depths.  I want to work in designing robotic subs that are structurally fit to reach the deepest depths of the oceans.

  • Kansas was the first state that create a MUAVA Chapter and currently is the first state to organize things.  My contacts and people in Kansas seem to be on board with this idea very much so.  I have a few phone meetings set up with people this week.  Some of which are CEO's of Tech companies in the Midwest who are extremely interested in this and are pushing for me to continue on with organizing the Association.  

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Ag UAV - Forage and Rangelands

Hello guys,My name is Gustavo, I am a Brazilian Agronomist taking part on a Msc in Europe. I am, mainly, researching the use of UAV and modified CCD cameras in order to estimate biomass yield on forage and rangelands.As of March, I am obliged to carry on field work outside of the EU. For that reason I am looking for internship/research assistantships, pretty much, anywhere. So if you have a company or is research about the topic, please, send me a message.Cheers,Gustavo

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