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  • Looks like this discussion should shut down. No uploads load anymore on DroneShare from PC to browser interface, nor does my Tower app on a Galaxy Tab4 even log-in, much less upload tlog files to "share".

    3DR moved on?

  • hi i am new using quadcopter i buy a chinese model it works ok but i need to make an application for it on my phone what the points should i take into my conseideration.

    could i use drone_androide for it 

    any information will help 

This reply was deleted.

Usage feedback and discussion

It will be a couple of weeks before the site looks 'nice' (and code to auto upload tlogs is in Andropilot), but please use this thread for any feedback/advice you have for me...Current crude GUI (when users upload they will be given a URL that can be used to track/share their flights - FIXME - I need to make the URL shorter): http://www.droneshare.com/view/51296273b4844e41f00c6dac

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