DIY Drones group for New Zealand. Feel free to introduce yourself and tell us about your setup and use.

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  • Hi all, glad to be in the group. Apologies in advance but I have a great many questions.
  • Hi Brendon 
    The build is mainly for aerial photography, Which is a broad area I know but the first step is getting a reliable platform with good flight times and a reasonable payload, once that is sorted the uses are endless, And currently it is easy to work in with New Zealand Laws, until they regulate the industry I think there is alot of potential. 
    what equipment are you working with? 

  • Hi Sam

    Thanks for the intro and offer... this group is new and not many members yet but will grow. Sounds like your moving to a big platform what are you planning on doing with it? The technology seems well suited for NZ agriculture etc.

  • Hi guys 
    A quick introduction, Im Sam a 25 yo Engineer from christchurch. 
    Have been playing with quads for about a year now and am graduating to a large hex with a 2kg payload.
    I have had an interesting learning path along the way with kk2 AMP2,2.5 and now the pixhawk. I have been using DIY Drones extensively and would like to give a little back, especially here on the NZ DIY Drones Group. So any questions ask and most likely ill be posting some here too.  
    Look forward to maybe seeing you in the air one day 



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