Oslo Pilots


I am new to Oslo and would like to meet with other enthusiasts.

Is there a flying club here or nearby I could join?

And where do you do your flying?



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  • Hello Sandy,
    I am just like you a year and a half ago. I have just moved to Oslo from the United States and looking for other enthusiasts. Did you ever find places to fly around here?
  • Cool thread to see! I'm hoping to move to Oslo in 2 months and looking for people to fly with

    • Nice one George, get in touch when you get here!

  • Hi,

    Welcome to Oslo!

    There are many clubs nearby Oslo :-)

    Unfortunately most are easiest to reach by car :(

    The ones on top of my head are: Cirrus (http://www.cirrus-rcfk.no), Flystua (http://www.flystua.no), Vingtor (http://www.vingtor.org) and Blackbird (http://www.blackbird-rc.net).

    None of these are ArduCopter or APM specific - but the members are flying "everything" :-)

    Edit: I also forgot: BMK/Flystua is flying indoor at Lommedalshallen every saturday afternoon. They have a 10 min timeslot every 20 min for copters (10 min large planes/10 min small planes/10 min copters).

    Personally I am flying with Cirrus, but also member of Blackbird. In Cirrus we focus mostly on gliders and soaring on our very large flying field in Spydeberg (45 min outside Oslo) - but everything electric is allowed. I would love to see more ArduCopters than mine on our flying field also :-) I fly my quads/hexa pretty much everywhere in Oslo, but mostly nearby Bjerke.

    Please check out our great show next sunday (february 1. 2015) in Ekeberghallen (http://www.modellflymesse.no - in Norwegian)

    Ask anyone in the crew for me and we can have a nice talk about ArduCopter - I'll bring my 3D-printed HoverShip (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:511668) and maybe my ArduCopter Hexa - both with APM :-)

    Hope to see you there!

    Best Regards,


    Cirrus RC Flyklubb
    Norges største og mest aktive klubb, innen RC-seil og elektro. Klubben er medlem av Norges Luftsportsforbund (NLF) som igjen er medlem av Fèdèration…
    • Hi Arild, how was the show?!

    • Hi, it was a great show :-)

      I don't have the numbers yet, but my wife (which handled the kiosk) was surprised by the numbers of people :-)

      There were free-flying, shows and competitions (Pylon race and dog fight), shops, stands, coffee and waffles :-)

      The fire brigade visited us with their drones for fire fighting.

      The Norwgian Police Helicopterservice visited us with a stand and they gave us a visit with their helicopter. We really appreciate their visit - and urges everyone to respect to land their radio controlled flying machines when anything full-size is passing. Especially when the Policehelicopter and Norsk Luftambulanse (Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation) is doing their work in low height. They are usually not flying low for fun.

      Hope to see everyone again next year in the beginning of February.

      Happy flying :-)

    • Aril, who did you talk to in the fire brigade to have them come? We have a show in Lier/Drammen 14. march and want them to come :)

    • PM Sent :-)

      Do you have a link for the show?

      Where and when?

      I have things to do that day - but maybe I can manage :-)


    • Good :)


      1st Internasjonal "Drone Day" 2015
      Event in Lier, Norway by Stig Førrisdal and 4 others on Saturday, March 14 2015135 posts in the discussion.
    • Argh thats sounds awesome! Really cool the emergency services were onboard and engaging! Is there any footage on youtube?!

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