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  • s/size/space

  • Hi Grant,

    The size of the image comes from the microSD card i use to create them. I also use an 8 GB one but probably from a different manufacturer than yours (mine is from Samsung) which answers why you can't flash it in yours. My only recommendation is to use one with more size (e.g. 16 GB).

  • Developer

    I've downloaded the images and had a look Victor but am still slightly confused.  The Debian and Snappy images are named as:
    Does this mean the Debian image is from 8 Jan this year?  The previous image I was trying to use was from 24 April this year so this "newer" image is dated older.
    The snappy image is from 18 May this year?

    I put my 8G SDcard into my linux laptop and run the following - note the error.

    zcat erle-debian-8-1-15.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=8M
    dd: error writing ‘/dev/mmcblk0’: No space left on device
    0+152815 records in
    0+152814 records out
    7948206080 bytes (7.9 GB) copied, 695.947 s, 11.4 MB/s
    I unzipped the image on my HDD and it looks like this:

    8010072064 Jul 11 23:11 erle-debian-8-1-15.img
    So I'm gunna guess that is slightly too big for my 8Gig SDCard.

    Any chance you can shrink it?

    Thanks, Grant.

  • Developer

    Thanks Victor.  I will check them out.

    Thanks, Grant.

  • Grant,

    Updated previous content and prepared new one available at Refer to this from now one.


  • Hi Grant,

    Apologies for the confusion and naming. We'll simplify it.

    Note that external people has already succeeded and we flash those images in a daily basis. It seems you are getting already support at our forum so i'll answer there.

  • Developer

    Hi everyone.  I'm trying to get my PXF to go but I am stuck at the first hurdle.  I'm trying to install the debian flasher erle brain image so I don't have to compile my own kernel to get the real time functionality.  Has anyone successfully done this?  See my post of the problems over on the erle site.  I tried not to bug anyone here with this as its a BBB issue - not an ArudPilot issue.

    If anyone has successfully done this I'd love to know.

    Thanks, Grant.

  • Admin

    Hi All,

    I would like to report that Linus and I have gotten ArduRover2 firmware running on a Beagle Bone Black running Debian Linux.

    Linus worked his programming wizardry and I provided the hardware and the I/O during the programming and subsequent connection to Mission Planner over a UDP link.

    There is still much more work to do and a number of issues to resolve. However we are on the right track towards our goal of a fully functional ArduRover running on Beagle Bone Black/PX4 Fire Cape hardware.


    Tom C AVD

  • Hi RoboBill / Victor,

    I have an SF30/B and it is my intention to mount it in a true 3 Axis brushless Gimbal and scan it in yaw and pitch for indoor and outdoor navigation, both simple and mapped.

    It is plenty fast for scanned use and while not cheap is still less than a quarter the price of any of the commercial single plane laser scanners like Hokuyo or SICK.

    The reason I say true 3 axis is because most of the so called 3 axis controllers don't actually allow manual control of the third axis (yaw) but use it only for stabilization compensation.

    Obviously for scanning this won't work.

    So far I have identified four true 3 axis controllers:

    The full sized Alexmos BG32.

    The "Tiny" Alexmos BG32.

    The EvvGC

    And the Storm 32.

    Currently I am gravitating towards the Storm32 because it is open source and inexpensive.

    The EvvGC is also inexpensive but I don't know much about it.

    The Alexmos BG32 boards are not open source and are not inexpensive but are in wide use. (Although the user interface is not universally "liked").

    And the "Tiny" doesn't actually appear to be available anywhere yet.

    If anybody has any suggestions as to these or other controller boards I am all ears.

    I will be using a GoPro type gimbal even though the SF30B only weighs 30 grams (The same as a Mobius) so I can keep the scan rate up with the larger gimbal motors.

    I believe that a circular (conical) scan might work better than a straight X/Y scan so that you have less acceleration and deceleration required and less force required.

    (I'll probably do both).

    Available time and money keep me from doing this as fast as I would like, but I will be working on it over the next several months.

    Best Regards,


  • Victor,

    My hope was to design and build an outdoor system that is affordable to hobbyists. The ROS "approved" lasers are either $1000's, have limited range or are for indoor use only. 

    BTW have you seen the new Lightware SF30/B? Its still expensive but it has a very high scan rate.


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Setting up Debian for ArduPlane on Erle brain (BBB+PXF)

Hi guys, great to have this group :)My issue: I got hands on an Erle Brain (BBB+PXF). I've installed a Debian with a cape manager enabled kernel (4.1.x-ti), as well as and ArduCopter. All compiles ok. But ArduPlane fails on launch with "FRAM: Failed to receive Manufacturer ID 5 times".I believe I'm not loading the right cape? Could perhaps somebody explain /boot/uEnv.txt and what to set for:##Example…

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Getting your BBB up and running

I have finally figured out how to get the ERLE Robotics image below working on my BBB:!6EcDRTZI!y-msWeHYUsTtWdLTYcq8XNIs2BWlpc8sFK5SiOB5ZlgThanks to Patrick at the ERLE forums for advising that this image disables the HDMI output and the Ethernet output (it does this to free up more CPU cycles to run the ArduPilot and other software).  This is why I wasn't seeing either.  It does however have a network connection via the miniUSB port (the same one you can power the BBB…

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