Have problem with shaking servos.

Configuration is follow:

Pixhawk with arduplane

Servos - CYS-S0307 3.7g Analog Servo http://www.cysmodel.hk/en/ProductView.asp?SortID=45&ID=190

Radio: Flysky RC 2.4ghz Radio System FS-TH9X 9ch Transmitter Receiver

When i connect servos dirrectly to receiver, it have no shaking, but when throught pixhawk -servos have shaking.

The shaking of elevator servo is rare but for ailerons that effect is quite frequent.

If any had some simmilar problems or some ideas of solusion please write

Thanks a lot

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  • ok

    My ailerons servos are connected trought v-wire to output 1 in Pixhawk. I try to connect separetlly left and right servo (just to disconnect one of servo with v-wire) , and in this mode it works good, without any vibrations. I think,

    that is problem with not enought power to both servos


    not enought signal from pixhawk's output to both servos.

    What you can advise. There are people with more experience for sure, and maybe somebody can figure out problem and how to solve it. It must be something easy


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