Blank Monitor with MinimOSD

I have been working with my MinimOSD recently, and when I hooked this up to my monitor, I receive the data but no video. I have checked the video wire from the OSD to the camera, but this had no effect. I have gone through my configurations on the MinimOSD, and my video is set on NTSC. I have also tried PAL to see if it would work, but had no change. This was working several weeks ago while I was using it. Is it possible that the video transmitter video wire is bad? I did an audible wire check, which came back fine, so I have no idea what is going on. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi Evan,

    If you are getting telemetry info on your monitor says that from the video mixing chip on the minim thru to the transmitter and down to the monitor is ok.

    Try taking the 2 yellow wires out of the plugs to the Minim board and connecting them and see if you get any pix from the camera.

    Also would like for you to explain how the camera and transmitter are powered and at what voltage?

    • I have a 3000 mAh 4S1P battery connected to a 5V step down regulator. This is wired to the power input on my transmitter. I have the transmitter output live wire connected directly to the camera to power this. I have checked the voltage for the camera and have 4.5 volts running to it. I can post pictures if this helps.
    • So the power comes from 5v regulator to Tx then in and out of Tx and goes to camera. Is that correct.

      So no power goes in and out on the video side of the OSD board.

      Try taking the yellow(video ) wires off the OSD board and join together. Check you have 5v at Tx and camera. Do you get pictures from the camera on the monitor.

      Yeah post some pictures, always is helpful

    • I tried wiring the signal wires together, but this did not work. I ended up purchasing a new camera and video transmitter, but it is still not working. Here is a link to a video showing what is going on. Should I just purchase a new video receiver?
    • Back to your first message you said that you got data on the monitor from the minim board.

      This indicates to me that the out part of the minim board, Tx and Rx and monitor are all working for you to get that. So not sure why you brought a new Tx.

      From your video everything is close. Try taking the video(yellow) wire from the camera and connect it to the monitor. Where the video(yellow) from the Rx goes. Sorry you will also need the black wire as well. So we have connected the camera direct to the monitor, but we have left the camera powered as it is. If you get pictures from the camera like this, it indicates the minum board is faulty. If no pictures check you have voltage going to the camera. Don't look at the wires you need to confirm that with a voltmeter.

    • I am using a TS832 and RC832 with a 600TVL NTSC Sony CCD camera by the way.

    • No I want you to wire the camera direct to the monitor

    • I just got it working. There was an issue with the voltage, This was why it was transmitting the data, but no video. Thanks for your help!
    • I did get the data but no video. In the video I just wired the camera and Tx together in order to see if I could get video without the minim board. I checked the wires with a voltmeter as you suggested, and all is working on the camera and Tx. I am going to go through and check the power and some stuff on the Rx as well to see if this helps.

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