BUY pixhawk and peripheral device

Hi guys,

i now plan to buy the autopilot pixhawk and some component to integrate the quadcopter to test some

vision navigation algorithm and conduct some comprehensive experiment.

according to your construct quadrotor experience and good delivery service, which store and where is the

best choice to get the all component of a quadrotor?

thank you to post some link or kind advice.

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  • Hi Thomas,

    I bought my 3DR Y6 Kit together (including PixHawk) at and I was satisfied with the delivery time and quality. I got some additional equipment at HobbyKing, Reichelt Electronic and of course E-Bay. So, I think it's hard to give a concrete suggestion.

    Are you planing to do the vision based navigation on-board? What kind of computer do you plan to use for it? I am also interested in experimenting with some image processing algorithm and maybe stereo vision.

    Best regards Olav
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    • Hi Olav.

      yes ,i now begin vision navigation platform building works. and i prefer to use the ARM series to process the image on board and also involved content of stereo vision, SLAM, obstacle avoidance.

    • Hi Thomas,

      I started some experiments with an raspberry pi 2/3. For image processing algorithm openCV can be used, but the drawback is that I haven't found an open CL driver for it. It would be much better to run some algorithm on the GPU. Also the PI does only have one CSI interface. There is a multiplexer available from  ivmech which seems to switch pretty fast between two cameras, but anyway the images are taken at different time points.

      Did you have any better suggestions?

      Best regards Olav

      IVPort Raspberry Pi Camera Module Multiplexer
      IVPORT which is the first Raspberry Pi (also Raspberry Pi A,A+,B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 fully compatible) Camera Module multiplexer is designed to make…
  • I like to shop at RMRC (Ready Made RC) .com

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