Hi - hoping for some help here:

I am using my Pixhawk in a fairly complex fixed wing mapping drone and I need to free up some channels for some added functionality. Basically I am using Aux3/RC11 port for second elevator control and Aux4/RC12 for automatic camera shutter control (these are both using the appropriate RCn_FUNCTIONs).

Since these functions don't need their own RC input functions, I would like to move them to Aux5/RC13 and Aux6/RC14 ports so that I can use the freed up ports for other functions with RC input. Problem is I cannot get the RCn_FUNCTIONS to work on Aux5/RC13 and Aux6/RC14 ports. I have assigned the appropriate parameters for camera and second elevator, but they don't work.

According to the Wiki I should have 10 channels available for RCn_FUNCTIONs (ie. RC5 to RC14) so I'm pretty stumped!



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