Delay on all controls on Pixhawk Tricopter

Hey guys,

I have built a pixhawk tricopter and just can't seem to get a delay bug worked out.

When I calibrate ESCs, throttle input is immediate.

When I arm the tricopter and fly, throttle input has nearly a 1 second delay

Also, my yaw servo is soooo slow. Often yaw is overshot due to both a control delay and the servo being slow- and of course autotune would have tuned it out if the yaw servo wasn't working at a tenth of it's rated speed.

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  • What mode are you in when you take off, IIRC Loiter needs more throttle to take off than other modes

    Re the slow servo what servo are you using, Digital or Analog

    The tail servo on mine is also very sluggish so looking into that myself.

    Apparently although the instructions say don't use a digital servo, you can and its recommended "Apparently"


    • I'm experienced with Pixhawk, and build almost exclusively with it. This is my first build out of ~15 that hasn't had low latency that I would expect from SBUS, or even terrible cppm. I fixed my yaw issues by not trusting the autotune PIDs, and cranking them up high.

      I am taking off in either acro or stabilize with the same effect.

      I am using a dual digipot metal gear 400 hz capable servo, and I turned my yaw P to 4 and tuned I and D from there. It's crisp now.

      However, throttle and other inputs still take nearly a second from control input to motors.

    • hi guys, I had tricopter running a Pixhawk, all was good, I had the usual tenth ng problems with servos but not never a slow servo, I built it twice, planning to build it again as I miss the speed and the general look of it, insha Allah I dig up and build and feedback when I have something solid ... in the mean time good luck guys :-)
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