Hi All, ( PixHawk QuadX FW 3.2.1 MP 1.3.35 )

(I hope this topic is in the right forum?)

Is there a Param / Value to adjust for the time it takes when one issue a Radio DisArm Cmd to when the motors actually stop spinning.

By observation I see this time ~3-4s

I would like to make the time shorter, if not shutdown immediate on DisArm Radio Cmd.

Thank you for your time.


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  • Hi Gerhard.

    I made some research ....  I think that the functionality you ar asking for is present on te 3.3 FW. trough CH7/CH8 channels.

    look this video.


    Really nice feature



    • Hi Mauricio,

      Thanks for your reply.


      I have  just stumbled on this link as well where it is explained that

      in 3.3 an option exist for a 'Kill Switch' independant of mode.

      The vid-clip explains what I would like, the brake-option is great!!  (well-done to devs)

      These options is exactly what I want.  Guess its time to upgrade to 3.3   :))

      Using MP, MP will use the published stable version of 3.3.x, I assume?

       btw what is the current published stable build?  3.3.3 rc???

      Just to answer your question why I require the Kill-Switch -

      As explained in another posting, after topple-over (laying on one side)  during Landing on uneven terrain,

      the 2 motors touching the ground / grass / sand, were spinning until I finally had disarmed the FC via tx cmd.

      This took ~4s, which could have resulted in plenty damage. Fortunately for me, Not...

      Thus for me, I like the Kill-Switch options.



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