Drone project

HI all, 

We are a group of 3 students for Mechatronic Engineering.

We are now working on a final year project.

our project is an amphibious drone that will be able to fly and also to enter the water and sailing.

the drone will contain a PIXHAK flight controller and 6 motors ( 4 for the quadcopter and 2 for the boat)

We don't have any experience with drone and we are overwhelmed with information from the internet.

We want to be able to program the drone to fly to a certain point in the sea, and be able to change the destination in real time, land and then switch to a boat mode that we will add, and sail back to a position we will give.

We also may want to add an image processing but that will depend if we will have enough time.

How do you recommend we will do that? 

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  • Hola , puedo ayudar 

  • Hi, 

    If you are still working on this project, please connect with me. 

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