Facing problems while calibration

I am currently building a H drone as my college project but while calibrating my pixhawk from mission planner , i am unable to calibrate my transmitter as no green bars are appearing on calibration page. And I am unable to calibrate the accelerometer also as it is failing quite many times after the last upside down calibration. I dont know why i am facing this problem, i ahve researched many times on google but found no solution till yet.

(I have already binded my Futaba t14sg to r7008sb reciever and change the modes accordingly and i have checked every wiring almost ten times an there is nothing wrong with the reciever and pixhawk, I have even downloaded the latest mission planner and tried resetting the firmware on pixhawk.)

but the green bars are not showing up in calibration page and there is no movement while moving my transmitter sticks.

Any solution will be appreciated...

Thanx and Regards


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  • A common mistake is connecting the receiver to the S.Bus port on the Pixhawk.

    The S.Bus port on the Pixhawk IS NOT a receiver input port.  It is actually an analog RSSI input port.

    Connect the receiver S.Bus output to the Pixhawk RCIN pins.  Be sure to observe proper polarity.

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