• I ran into a similar problem trying to hook my arducopter build into a Feiyu Mini 3D 

    You need to be running release 3.3 to get the extra support for channels 9-12.  That frees you up to use SBUS or any 12 channel rx.

    If you don't have that, then the only other alternative is to use a 12+ channel receiver that can output PPM or SBUS + PWM simultaneously.  That way you get your control channels over PPM, then connect the gimbal controls directly into the receiver.  That's the route I ultimately went for different reasons.  I went with an OpenLRS receiver set to 12 channel mode.  1 wire for PPM stream to cover channels 1 - 8 (control + osd toggle + rssi + flight mode), then used ports 2, 3, and 4 on the rx to output +gimbal mode +pan +tilt

  • Good luck, I too am following to know more :-)
  • Steve ... I wish I could help. On mine I went directly to the receiver on a couple Aux outputs to control the gimbals yaw and roll. The gimbal I'm using happens to be the Tarot T 2D.  I'm interested in your question though that other members may have an answer.

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