Hello. Question about UBX format. How configure


Have my Pixhawk with ArduPlane and gps neo-n8m. After every start Pixhawk logs his trajectory to card in .bin format. try something to change in mission planner but it still logs in bin. Can I somehow configure Pixhawk save also u-blox format (.ubx). Can i configure that in mission planner or may be in u-center.

Thanks a lot for answers.

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  • Hi Artem,

    for what you need the u-blox format (.ubx)?

    best Regards from Germany

    ciao Klaus

    • Hi, I what to postprocess trajectory with reference stations to improve accuracy of trajectory.



    • This program is actually pretty good :)


    • ok, that is good software to analise trajectory, but i can to do nothing with it. You must didnt figure out what I mean under "reference station" . I mean to use raw GPS data from another receiver and to improve accuracy of my receiver track used DGPS method. That why i have to use ubx files. I cant convert .bin files into RINEX, and ubx i can.

    • Entschuldigung,


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