Help with Pixhawk Mini and 5 channel XUAV talon.


I'm attempting to integrate a pixhawk mini with am XUAV talon airframe for a university funded project. I'm relatively new to Pixhawk, and I'm having issues with wiring and setting up my new Pixhawk mini with my X-UAV talon airframe.

First, qgroundcontrol does not have a profile specifically for the XUAV talon's vtail setup, so I think I have to do the mixing manually, is there a better way?? I believe I need to use qgroundcontrol for pixhawk mini exclusively.

The talon has 4 seperate servos, left and right aileron, and left and right v-tail rudder. I know that channel pin out #3 is for throttle, but aside from that are there specific places that I need to plug servos in on the PMW board, or do I configure that manually?


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