Horyzont on PIXHAWK start drifting


There is some weird behavior of horizont on my Pixhawk. From some time, it started loose his horizont. Some times restarting of pix helped, some times after restarting it stay in position around 45 to real horizont. Just to clarify, I have done calibration of accel and it was successful. 

Please help,

Thank a lot.


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  • Ok, here I found log to this issue from PIX. Could, please, anybody take a look for this.


    80 01.01.2000 1-04-30.bin.log

  • Ok,

    I catch it, and I have .tlog file. I hope it is will be enough to find a problem. What I exactly did: to level drone, launch it, connect to computer via radio, don't touch it, at the start it looks ok, but in some time have a problem with horizont. 


    Thanks a lot for help. Unfortunately I am not very good in log analyze.

    Thanks a lot

    2016-11-13 16-06-52.tlog

    2016-11-13 16-06-52.rlog

  • Hi Dmitry.

    Return to the problem.  

    There is one more symptom, it happen when pixhawk connected to lipo battery. And never saw it via usb. I set it to 131070a and try to catch a moment of sudden tilt. Will share log.


  • Hi Artem, there are two 3V3 regulators:


    • U603 MIC5332 (on a sheet 5) that provides FMU-VDD_3V3 and VDD_3V3_SENSORS
    • U1002 MIC5332 (on a sheet 10) that provides IO-VDD_3V3 and VDD_3V3_SPEKTRUM

    Why do you decided your problem is about 3.3V regulator and which one? (guess you may mean a first one)

    In case you will post here your logs with LOG_BITMASK parameter set to 131070 then here will be chance to find a root cause of issue.

    Regards, Dmitry

  • Probably I have problem with 3.3V regulator. Could any body show me on my picture where this regulator is on my my pix. Thanks


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