How to waterproof a pixhawk

I would like to waterproof my pixhawk as much as possible. Last summer I installed one inside a frame called an Aqucopter which did well for waterproofing but suffered badly from the baro being so isolated form the outside alt hold was really bad. I tried many different solutions never did get one that worked great. I have since made a new quad that flies much better in alt hold because it's exposed. Problem is now it's not waterproof. I bought a electronics waterproofing spray however is it true the baro cant get wet? Would this stuff ruin the baro sensor? Lastly if the baro  did get ruined either by the spray or from water itself is that something that can get replaced by 3dr? Could anyone point out to me where the baro is on the board? Perhaps the best bet would be to use the waterproof spray on everything but the baro? see pic. Thanks


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  • Was your barometer giving accurate readings after you dumped it? Did u spray over the barometer sensor? I will be trying this on Wednesday and land in ocean.
    • Yes I saturated the entire board including the baro.  It's been just sitting since that day I will fire it up again tomorrow and double check everything is still okay.

      Cant wait to hear how your test with the PM goes! 

    • And you still received accurate readings from the barometer??? 

    • I just tested it again and yes... the baro works just fine. I can't see any issues with it or the APM at all :]


      I had it in a semi-sealed box, ocean landed, all components are fine.. but it added a lot of weight. 

      I'd prefer to just corrosion X all component pieces and let that do it, i just feel that there are too many points of failure and electrical contacts for it to be completely submerged... Thoughts? 

  • So you sprayed over the barometer and it was giving you accurate readings still? If the power module unit is sprayed with corrison x I think it would be ok, I'm going to spray everything and give it a go tomorrow, then test fly and land in ocean on weds
  • Update
    Well I decided to sacrifice and older APM 2.5 to the cause. I hooked it up to a power module and mavlink and confirmed it booted up and everything worked via the HUD. I shut it down took it apart and sprayed the entire thing really good with a product ZF1 liquid protector then fired it back up and dunked it in my pool. The APM worked for a minute then quit... well sort of.. the light went dim. I took it out and dried it off for a few minutes under a hair dryer. It fired right back up and everything worked including the baro!!! So would it have survived anyway without this product? I don't know. But at least it's nice to know it would survive with it. I think I'll spray my pixhawk and my X8R receiver too. What I didn't do was dunk the power module. I have a feeling it would fry but that might be a good thing to help cut power to everything else. So I did my part....  anybody got a PM they want to test please do and let me know!!!
    • ahh well salt water.... no it would be toast I think unless it could get rinses off asap but I know when a boat sinks... it's a right off. All the wiring and electronics is considered ruined even by insurance. I live by the great lakes so no salt water for me. Can you imagine those little DF13 connectors and salt  water? lol not good! 

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