Info on Chan 9 to 16

Hi everyone.

This is my first build with a Pixhawk.

I have my Frsky receiver bound with telemetry and chans 9 to 16 available.

My question is can I get access to these higher chans in mission planner, if so how?

I have noticed if I set say RTL in extended parameters on chan 8. When I look in standard parms, the RTL is on chan 9. But in Full parms it is on ch8_opt. This is a tad confusing for me. Don't want to fly and try these until I am sure and understand what is going on.

Also is this where I can use the chan 9 to 12? If so do I set in Standard or Full parms as they appear to be out by 1 chan.

Is there any way I can use chan 6 for things other that what seems to be just tuning type things.

Thanks in advance Ken

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    • Thanks Pektusin.

      Have a look when I get home.

      Just in case because I don't remember seeing ch9_in anywhere, only ch9_opt.

      Where do you find ch9_in and these AUX 1 - 6 in mission planner.

      Tks for your response

  • Look at the full parameter list. You can also assign the logic switches in your Taranis. Hope that helps. Otherwise, your receiver will have the extra channels available on it. 

    • Thanks Nick,

      My Taranis and receiver are set up fine and working with 16 channels. Can access channels 9 to 16 at receiver no problems.

      You say look at full params, I have and there lie my second question.

      In full params if I set ch11_opt to say RTL(31). Then when I look in standard params it appears in chan 12(ch12_opt). Why? Is is safe to fly like this. Just ignore it

      This happens vice versa if I set in standard param.

      It also seems chan 9 & 10, 11 & 12 are paired up like this but reversed between Full and Standard params

  • There should be an instruction manual on this procedure that came with the transceiver.

    Setup your controller for 1-16 Channels on the controller and on the receiver put a jumper in between the pins.
    Basically see this video:

    For something more indepth:

    • Thanks Keith,

      my receiver is set up fine for 16 channels, and so is my Taranis.

      Now in mission planner how do I get access to the extra chans, so can use for motor kill, RTL etc.

      Channels 1 to 8 are in use. Can get access for chans 9 to 16 at receiver but that is not what I want. I want to assign uses inside Pixhawk/Mission planner

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