Lidar Lite and Pixhawk PWM installation

I am completing a rebuild / upgrade on my heavy lift Y6.

The Maxbotics Sonar was lost in a recent crash so I chose to upgrade to the Lidar Lite.

The installation is complete and the Pixhawk and Lidar Lite is reporting the range as expected.

The issue is as follows:

Mission planner now continuously reports "Perf: <with a changing number series>"  this never stops, and the voice never stops reading this.  I am able to arm, disarm, do motor tests.  But the reporting of the "Perf" number never stops.  The Lidar Lite is the only "new" device so I'm thinking it may be the cause.

The telemetry log of my recent motor test is attached.  You cant miss this message.

So the question:  Has anyone run into this?  Is this reporting a problem, or just reporting data?

Any information would help.

2016-01-06 20-16-15.tlog

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  • I have the SF10/C LiDAR and found that it only seems to work well in the 3.3.3 RC1 and now RC2.

    • I am using 3.3, rc1.  Since this post I have not made any progress understanding the repeated "Perf:" message.  In my logs these messages are not flagged as errors, just messages.

      I have shut off voice messages on my mission planner computer, and am currently ignoring the continuous "Perf:" message. 

      I have been flying low altitude test flights, I'm a little shy after a bad crash.  So far everything, including the Lidar, seems to be working well.

      My biggest worry is that the crash caused damage that I still don't know about.  My Y6 is 7.5 Kg all up, so I cannot have this out of my control for a moment.  So far, so good, just some *effective* worry and stress.

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