Loosing Altitude Pixhawk--Loiter Mod- when moving forward.

Hi, I have a quad with 4008 Tiger Motors. Have tried both 14.8 and now 22.2 v batteries. It flies really good, except I noticed in some Auto Missions it losses a lot of alttitude ( in one occasion in lost all altitude, bounced in the ground, and recovered).

I have done several adjustments, first, in basic setup I augmented the throttle response, second, I augmented the Alt Hold P to 6.

The Pitch and Roll reaction is very good, and it flies very good in stabilize.

The problem is only in Loiter and for some reason when it moves forward. It does not losses altitude when I bring it backwards or move it laterally.

The response and correction is much better with the 22.2 V battery. It does not hit the ground; however with the throttle stick in the middle it losses a lot of altitude.

Does anyone have an Idea of how to solve this problem?


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