Hi all

Just got my first Pixhawk and have a problem

After system boot the status light just flashes yellow, which I understand means its failed its internal systems/safety checks.

Is this a fixable issue or is it an indication the Pixhawk is faulty.

Thanks for any help


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  • My PX4v2  is configured in mission Planner. I have some arming errors also. 3 yellow - police lights - two yellow. After that px arm´s normally. ? Is it safe to use despite boot errors.??

    I think 2 yellow blink´s are due error in prearm check´c failure because they are disabled.


    I tried PX4 flight stack firmware and did configuration thru QGroundcontrol,  i got error free boot and arming.

    Should i use  PX4 flight stack instead of AC3.3.2 ?

    Any experiences how to fix police lights error in arducopter 3.3.2 ?

    PX4v2 0034002A 31345117 36383835
    Frame: HEXA
    PX4: 34e1d543 NuttX: 7c5ef883
    APM:Copter V3.3.2 (7f16e4d6)

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    • Hi all

      Thanks for the replies

      All@s well that ends well as they used to say

      Pixhawk is all running ok now, obviously it was just me trying to set it up in doors and only using the USB to connect to mission planner, once outside with the wireless link all went well.



  • Paul,

    If the vehicle is moved before the initialization process is complete the yellow flashing light will never stop.


  • Paul
    Take the props off your aircraft.
    Using the latest Mission planner connect to the pixhawk, NOT WITH USB because it will not allow you arm pixhawk so only via radio as you would flying missions.

    Boot up pixhawk and connect to MP.
    Take a look at your MP screen and see if any safty check errors pop up.
    Push and hold safety switch and see what code pops up. It's will usually display on screen. This is a good place to start and it's easy.
    If nothing pops up you will have to start looking deeper into the logs but some type of preflight check should display on the MP screen.
    Hope this helps.

    Never calibrate compass in your house as this should be done in an open area away from metal build and concrete slabs or anyplace that might interfere with a compass.
    • Thanks for the reply

      For some odd reason the yellow flashing lights issue has now gone away

      If I take it outside I get a good green flashing light which goes solid when the arm button is pressed so I was assuming all was OK, except  that even though the Light is solid green it will not are, just gives a very load beep.

      Unfortunately my wireless connection kit will not be here for another couple of days so I cannot see what the error is.

      I will try again when the wireless link is all set up.  perhase the error will be obvious then.



  • Read this and tell us which flash sequence you are getting:  http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-leds-pixhawk/

    Also let us know how you are powering the Pixhawk and where you are in Initial Setup and Configuration.

    One other thing:  If you connect to Mission Planner with sound enabled, not only will the HUD display the warning(s), Mission Planner will tell you audibly...

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