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I'm trying to find a compact PDB with a voltage monitor output compatible with the PixHawk. I'm currently running a Diatone V7 which I love, and so I'm looking for something similar with the added option of providing voltage monitoring for my PixHawk. My frame is fairly compact, and I hate how much space the 3DR voltage monitor is eating up with its wires. I have found the BeeRotor PDB, but the layout of that board doesnt seem optimal, and it's also lacking "regular" 5/12 BEC outputs.

Does anyone know of a PDB that would fit my requirements? Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum, I figured this was (at least partly) pixhawk-related.

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  • best u can find are this....one is ok for 200A..if u use 2 with sensor hub it can go up to 400A or even more...



    MAUCH Power Modules — Copter documentation
  • MR60

    If you'd like the ultimate:


    It is more expensive but powering your Pixhawk must be top notch and this board will cover you for up to 150amps and from 3S to 8S LiPo 

    • Thanks Hugues, I actually got a quote from you a while back. Your PDB is more expensive than my (chinese) Pixhawk, you guys would have a slam-dunk product if the price was a bit more comparable to the alternatives.

    • MR60

      Yes. These boards are "micro manufactured" (on demand) in small quantities, targeting the highest quality , therefore they are quite expensive, indeed. I would need to sell thousands of them and produce them with chinese low salary slaves to drive their price down (but then you would not get quality assurance at the same level).

  • Hi

    How about one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/351547084291 35mm square voltage & current monitoring 5v bec and adjustable bec that can be set to 12v and under £10.

    I have a couple and they work well, and unlike many of these boards the ESC power connections are in +- pairs making connection easier and tidy, unlike the ones that have all + on one side and all - on the other. 


    • That's exactly what I was looking for - thanks!!

    • Wondering if you did some testing on this PDB, I'm also was looking for such a combined unit.

      This one looks very nice.

    • Hi, 

      No I didn't yet. I got in touch with them and asked about amp ratings, but the seller wasn't sure. I'll still probably test one tho. Agreed, it seems like a much smoother solution than the cabled voltage sensor.

      @Paul, do you anything about how many amps these units can handle?

    • I would try contacting the manufacturer - myairbot, http://shop.myairbot.com/index.php/accessories/3535pdbwith2becandpm...

      They seem very responsive on RG threads related to their products.

    • Nice find. I've sent them an email, will updated this when I hear back from them.

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