Hi all, 

I'm trying to find a compact PDB with a voltage monitor output compatible with the PixHawk. I'm currently running a Diatone V7 which I love, and so I'm looking for something similar with the added option of providing voltage monitoring for my PixHawk. My frame is fairly compact, and I hate how much space the 3DR voltage monitor is eating up with its wires. I have found the BeeRotor PDB, but the layout of that board doesnt seem optimal, and it's also lacking "regular" 5/12 BEC outputs.

Does anyone know of a PDB that would fit my requirements? Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong forum, I figured this was (at least partly) pixhawk-related.

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    • looking at the board closeup and IPC-2221 (http://www.4pcb.com/trace-width-calculator.html).

      My feeling is those tracks will be good for 20-25 amps (per motor) without any issues.

      Just ordered two of these for testing, will update when got them.

    • Yup, think I'll do the same

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