Pixhawk and bad GPS health

Hello everyone,

I have tried for a few times to calibrate the compass and have got the message that it captures enough point for me to click ok. But as I checked in the HUD of MP, the quad is in another location in the map and not where it should be.

I am using the GPS/compass you can view in the attachment. I have tried several times using different orientations on the board from MP listing, and then I check the HUD as I turned the quad to check if it is turning in the right direction. But it is not. 

I am placing the quad in the direction how I flied it, which is facing the back. As I check in HUD to see if it in the right direction, it is not.

I have done many times the calibration, and I have not been able to resolve the issue. Other than a faulty compass, any idea how to fix the issue is appreciated.



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  • The quad being in another place on MP would not have anything to do with the compass. That position is governed by the GPS.  If it is in the right place, but facing the wrong direction, that would be a compass issue, potentially.  The quad being in the wrong place might just mean you haven't yet locked on to enough satellites.  

    The device you have shown is not a GPS/Compass as you describe it.  It is just a GPS, I believe.  

    I don't understand your sentence beginning with, "I am placing the quad..."  Maybe you can try to explain that.


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    • Thanks for the reply. Let me explain it in a different way because I am still having the same issue. The HUD in MP shows the orientation of the quad having 3 lines of different colors: black, red, and orange. As I place the quad to the left to check if it is turning in the correct orientation, the HUD shows me the orientation of the quad in the opposite direction, which is to the right. When you are doing the compass calibration, there is a manual option at the bottom of the screen having the different orientations. As I tried the different orientation and check at the HUD, the quad continues pointing in the opposite direction. Any idea what might be the problem.


      To input a manual orientation for APM, select the Manual option at the bottom of the screen, and consider the following factors when selecting an orientation. Note: The information below does not apply to Pixhawk and PX4; for these autopilots, select the Pixhawk/

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