Pixhawk and DJI Spreading Wings S900 Frame Kit

Hello everyone,

I am planning to build a hexacopter using the DJI Spreading Wings S900 Frame Kit, Pixhawk, and  T-motors. I will definitely appreciate any suggestions about any other frame or motors to use or if someone has already done what I am planning on building.

I intent to have a payload between 5 to 6 lbs.


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    • With respect the common factor is yourself.  I have a variety of different flight controllers including 4 APMs and a pixhawk and I've never had a single flyaway. I don't think it is fair to suggest that the iris or pixhawk are fundamentally unreliable.  I think it is most likely that you are just more familiar with the NAZA procedures.

      Lots of people have had flyaways with DJI phantoms too, switching isn't a magic bullet. Whatever the equipment you need to learn what you are doing with it for it, none of these platforms are fully foolproof yet nor is it really reasonable to expect them to be.

    • Likewise, 13 APM & pixhawks here, and almost 100 hours of flight time this year - no fly aways.

    • Mr. Powell,

      I appreciate the time you have taken to answer my questions. I am starting to read more about the NAZA v2 to learn as much as I can.



    • Hi Virgil;

        You are welcome, I just want to help prevent you from crashing that large craft.  If you want to play with the PixHawk like I am doing then grab a really cheap F450 kit and mount the PixHawk  and work out all the issues that you may encounter. I know that there are a large number of flyers that use the PixHawk without any issues. Given this, I have gone back to NAZA V2 as it is a very stable controller. I will continue to try and make the PixHawk work for me, as it now has become my nemesis. If memory serves me right the S900's controller was the WooKong-M Which is a great (but expensive) controller. Good luck with your S900 and if you use the DJI product you should be very happy. Then, when you get very comfortable with the PixHawk, you will have another stable controller. Let me know which way you go for the controller and keep me posted... jim.powell@cox.net

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