Pixhawk as a stand alone geotagging device

Hi Pixhawk Guys,

I have a question, can the pixhawk be used as a stand alone geotagging/ camera trigger if we are using an aircraft with another flight control? I know some will think why bother if the pixhawk is a flight control. We using a freefly Alta 8 as its registered and licensed to operate commercially. We have now been asked to do some mapping work in the film industry for visual fx. it does not have to be accurate accurate, we just need to see a specific area from the air in high res (not google maps)

Can this be done?

Thanks in advance gents.

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  • i will find out how super fussy the client is on the images. We have been given a Sony A7Rii to use which i think is over kill. They also want a cliff face done too. I will get back to you.

  • you could... but what sort of mapping output are you producing, do you even need the photos geotagged? Could you simply fly a pattern with the camera set to snap every second and then just merge all the photos of the areas you need. Geotagging and minimising shots with precise triggering would speed up the post processing and accuracy, but are those a worry?

    The time taken to configure and secure your Pixhawk sans flight feathers probably would be more than the batch processing afterwards.

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