pixhawk auxiliary switches

I am currently working to reorganize my radio channels, functions, and switches to use all 12 channels on my Taranis.  I have run into some unexpected details.

In the Wiki channels 7/8 are referred to as auxiliary switches, however the full parameters list shows the same options for channels 7 thru 12.  

I currently have ch7 set up for RTL and ch8 st up for the camera trigger.  Each works without any trouble.

Has anyone succeeded in using channels 9 thru 12 for then functions listed in the full parameters list?

 Now I would like a 3 position switch for simple and super simple mode, and a switch to enable/disable my Lidar range finder.  It should be no problem to set up channels 9 thru 12 for these functions, however, I cannot tell if my switch assignments are working.

When using a switch for simple/super simple mode: without actually flying, how can I tell if simple/super simple mode has been engaged?  I don't see any indication on the mission planner screen or the OSD.  When in flight it would be good to know how the craft will respond to stick inputs *Before* moving the sticks.  

My switch to control the Lidar also seems to have no effect.

Please let me know how you've set up channels 7 thru 12, and how it worked for you.

Also, Once your tuning is satisfactory what option do you use for ch6, Normally set up for a tuning knob, Im thinking Loiter speed, but have not tried this. 

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