Pixhawk beeping after arming

I have researched myself to death on this one and cannot find a solid answer. I am thinking it is due to the GPS not having acquired its position fully, but here is what I am facing. 

I power up the Pixhawk and let it go through initialization. I arm the Pixhawk and then arm via radio. My radio is setup to always startup in Loiter mode. When I do this, I get a loud beep...beep...beep...beep that does not stop unless I disarm or go to Stabilize mode. The copter will arm but it continues to give me this noise. I have a blue "breathing" LED until I arm at which time I get the green. 

Any knowledge that can be shared about this is greatly welcomed! 

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    • I learned how to fly on a Syma. I can fly that every way you want because it only has one mode. :)  

    • I was wondering about that too. I loaded the setup files for my Taranis and Pixhawk from Peter at Drone Shop. I am guessing he gives plenty of time for everything to align before takeoff. 

    • I would HIGHLY recommend learning to fly on the sticks before you do anything else! Learning to fly is so much fun and it will seriously help you later on. I know of first and second hand experience where something went wrong and the pilot was unable to save themselves because they only knew how to fly on GPS assisted modes. 

      For example: guy could fly outside. Went inside and crashed into the wall because he was totally disoriented.

      Learn to fly patterns with the craft facing away, towards, right, left, etc. You will seriously save your wallet from major damage! :)

      Once you've got some experience, here's a good way to scare yourself, but learn how to fly: in alt hold / loiter mode go up about 100 feet. Note where your throttle is physically set. Now switch into stable mode. There's a good chance the set throttle won't be able to sustain flight and your craft will begin its crash sequence (remember: every landing is a controlled crash - keep that in mind). You will learn quickly how to correct for throttle imbalance coming in and out of auto modes.

      Coming from the 250 world, I set my throttle rates much higher. The default settings are sluggish and designed for smooth operation and long battery life.  

    • What Tony said.

      Besides, Murphy's Law has not been repealed.

    • I dont understand why we would even ask that question. Why you should not take off in loiter when you are new and are having issues? Because when in that flight mode there are more possibilities that something will and can go wrong... 

      Its even stated in the manuals. Make sure you fly well in stabilize, then alt hold, then loiter then RTL...i thought this was common sense when building a new copter..

  • Should the Blue Light not go from flashing blue to flashing green when it has a GPS lock and then solid green once armed.

  • I would speculate that it might be a GPS or Compass issue. If it would came from a to low battery the beeping would continue in STABLILIZE mode.

    I assume you haven't got a telemetry radio connected, because otherwise this would give you an error messages via MAV link.

    Have you try to Download and look into the dataflash logs? The procedure is described here: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-downloading-and-analyzing-d... This should give you the reason.

    Downloading and Analyzing Data Logs in Mission Planner — Copter documentation
  • T3

    Post the tlog file?

    • I'll download it tonight when I get home and post up. Good thought! This is my first build so I am still in learning mode with Pixhawk. 

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